• NOV 26, 2018

    A Call to Action: Join the Society and the Journal on Twitter!

    Vanessa P. Ho, MD, MPH

    A Call to Action: Join the Society and the Journal on Twitter!

    The SIS is my favorite meeting each year. Our society is small but the members are knowledgeable and distinguished.

    Today, it is increasingly important for surgical research to be publicized, discussed, and debated in online forums. We realized that the fantastic work being done by the society members was not well-publicized, which meant we were potentially losing out on younger, media-savvy clinicians. We’re now working hard to increase our visibility on social media, especially through the SIS twitter account.

    In addition, I am excited to be the first Associate Editor of Social Media of our partner journal, Surgical Infections. We are hoping that we will be able to gain new readership as well as attract researchers who were previously unaware of this group and the work that we do.

    This is an exciting time at the Journal.  We are preparing to publish a Theme Issue at the end of the year on the Post-Antibiotic Era, with articles written by experts who are at the leading edge of surgical infections research.  And if you have published recently in Surgical Infections, please reach out to me so that we can give you a shout-out online!

    Ways you can help publicize the SIS via Social Media:

    1. Follow the society on Twitter: @SurgInfxSoc
    2. Follow the journal on Twitter: @SurgInfxJrnl
    3. Contact the SIS Communications team at the email address below if you have anything exciting that you want us to feature, such as publications!
    4. Volunteer to help promote the meeting or any other society events!

    Submit your abstracts to the #SIS2019 meeting in Coronado Bay!



    Vanessa Ho