• Junior Faculty Fellowship Award

    For Junior Faculty Members
    Deadline December 15th!

    The purpose of this fellowship is to provide the opportunity for a junior faculty member to undertake a meaningful research project in an area relevant to surgical infectious diseases, and to foster interest in surgical infections as an academic career focus. Applications in this category may reflect basic, translational, or clinical research.

    Applications will be adjudicated primarily on the basis of scientific merit. However, the SIS Foundation recognizes the important role of mentorship in career development, and requires that a trainee, with a doctoral degree or in a doctoral degree program, who is committed to collaborate with the awardee for the duration of the award period, will be identified explicitly to collaborate with the Junior Faculty Fellow and be mentored during the collaboration. Favorable consideration will be afforded to applications that describe in specific detail the interaction of the mentor and trainee as collaborators in the scientific research, and in career development.

     Award amount: $35,000/year for two years. The award shall be used only for salary support and/or direct costs of the research project.

     Eligibility and Criteria:

    • Applicants must be full-time faculty members at the rank of Instructor or Assistant Professor for no more than five years at the time of application. Promotion to Associate Professor is permissible during the award period.
    • Applicants must be full members of the Surgical Infection Society at the time of application.
    • The designated trainee must join the SIS as a Candidate Member.
    • Attendance by the award recipient AND trainee is expected at the Annual Meeting of the SIS during both award years.
    • All other current and pending extra-mural funding must be disclosed at the time of application.
    • Recipients should devote at least 25% effort to the proposal during the award period.
    • Renewal applications will not be accepted.

     Application Requirements:

    • SIS Fellowship online application form
    • NIH-style Biosketch
    • Research proposal (5 pages, single space, 11 point font, 1 inch margins)
      • Including Abstract, Significance, Innovation, Preliminary Studies, Approach
    • Research budget
    • Evidence of current or pending institutional approval (IRB, IACUC, etc.)
    • Trainee interaction and career development plan
    • Current and pending support
    • Letters of support
      • Department Chair (may also serve as mentor/sponsor letter if appropriate)
        • Letter must indicate institutional support and a guarantee of at least 25% protected time to pursue the aims of the application.
        • Letter must indicate that all funds provided will be used for the award recipient's salary or direct research costs.
      • Mentor/Sponsor
        • Letter from applicant’s primary mentor, advisor or collaborator
      • SIS Member

     Review Process: Applications will be reviewed by the members of the Awards Committee and scored according to NIH guidelines. Recommendations for award will be made to the SIS Foundation for Education and Research for final decision regarding funding.

     Submission Deadline: December 15, 2018

     Award Acceptance: Award winners will be notified at the SIS Annual Meeting Awards Banquet in June, 2019. The funding period will begin July 1, 2019. The award recipient will be expected to provide a summary of the completed research plan at a special session of the SIS Annual Meeting at the conclusion of the award period.

     Note: Unexpended funds must be remitted back to the Foundation at the end of the award period.

    Complete the SIS Fellowship application online or download the SIS Fellowship application form. These forms must be downloaded from the website, completed on your computer, and sent via e-mail to Doctor Burke. The instructions regarding completion of the SIS Fellowship forms must be followed.

    Questions? Please contact:

    Peter A. Burke, MD
    Boston Medical Center
    One Boston Medical Center Place
    Dowling 2 South, Suite 2505
    Boston, MA 02118
    Ph: 617-414-8056
    Fax: 617-414-7398