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    Listen to Dr. Heather Evans on KIRO Radio talking about her experience with Google Glass...

    Hypoalbuminemia linked to increased surgical risks in obese patients

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    Preoperative Preparation to Avoid Surgical Site Infections

    Dr. Marc Jeschke, chairman of the Scientific Studies Committee, reviews this inportant roundtable discussion from leading members of the SIS. Topics addressed include patient factors such as obesity and diabetes, bowel preparation, choice of antimicrobial agents, and the economic cost of SSIs. A critical read for anyone involved in the peri-operative care of the surgical patient.....

  • This month's featured SIS Member

    Michael W. Cripps, MD

    My application to become a member of the Surgical Infection Society arose from my research interests in resuscitation strategies for severely injured patients.  We all recognize that infectious complications are unfortunately common in our intensive care units.  My research is focused on outcomes associated with transfusions and massive transfusion protocols, and it has become clear to me that there is a significant correlation between these transfusions and post resuscitation infectious complications.  My hope is that by becoming a member of the SIS, I will have a closer interaction with those who have similar interests in post resuscitation outcomes in order to form effective collaborations to study and improve or prevent these infectious complications. 

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  • Resident Education Corner

    As we continue our education section, we herein review the presentation and management of Infected Artificial Urinary Sphincters (AUS). Although targeted at residents, this is applicable to all general surgeons in practice. Click here to review the powerpoint presentation.