• Four Seasons Hotel Denver has been Canceled!

    Dear SIS Abstract Presenter:

    I hope you are all staying safe amid this pandemic.  
    By now you know that we are not able to have our 40th Annual Meeting.  It was a difficult decision to make so close to the meeting date, but in the end, the decision was made for us, as the Four Seasons Denver has closed along with many other hotels across the country.
    When we made the decision to cancel the meeting your abstract reverted back to your ownership.  We understand you may want to submit to another society and present elsewhere. We wish you luck and hope that your abstract gets accepted.
    However, please consider reworking, reanalyzing or adding more patients to your studies and resubmit to next year's meeting in Miami 2021.  It would help our Society a great deal if you would.  The quality of the accepted abstracts was outstanding.  
    Another option, we hope some might avail themselves to is, create a manuscript from your abstract and submit to Surgical Infections   https://home.liebertpub.com/publications/surgical-infections/53/for-authors.
    Whatever option you choose, we wish you success.  
    Stay safe, see you all next year.
    Lynn J. Hydo, RN, MBA, FCCM
    Executive Director, SIS
    Greg Beilman, MD, President
    David Blake, MD, Secretary/treasurer
    Jeff Claridge, MD, President-elect