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  • Dedicated to the Science and Art of Surgical Infection Control, the Surgical Infection Society hereby presents the JOSEPH SUSMAN MEMORIAL AWARD. A meritorious honor to be awarded annually to the author of the most significant manuscript presented in Surgical Infection. Awardee may not be eligible for additional awards.

    This Award was established by the Susman family in memory of Joseph Susman, who died from a surgical wound infection on June 23, 1979. Joseph Susman was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey on September 13, 1913. He was married to Ethel Susman for 42 years; and was co-owner and president of a home-building firm in Los Angeles that was affiliated with Sears, Roebuck and Company. Those who knew him through business will remember that he lived by a personal code of honor that required steadfast commitment to a sound work ethic. Those who knew him as a friend will remember his sense of humor and his generosity. His family will remember that he was affectionate and sentimental. As an expression of their love for him, his children, Carol Laskey and Gerald Susman, PhD, together with their mother and immediate families, wish to have the JOSEPH SUSMAN MEMORIAL AWARD dedicated to research for the reduction of deaths from post-operative infection.