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    Applications Must Include:

         1.  Completed Application Form:

    • The Application Form- download in editable PDF format.
    • Save as your last name first initial plus "APPLIC", e.g.: Jane Smith would be SMITHJAPPLIC.pdf.

         2.  Applicant’s Biosketch (NIH Format)

    • Save as your last name first initial plus "CV", e.g. Jane Smith would be SMITHJCV.doc.

         3.  Training plan (residents and fellows only)

    • One page description of training to occur during fellowship smithjTraining.
    • Save as your last name first initial plus "TRAINING", e.g. Jane Smith would be SMITHJTraining.doc.

         4.  Description of the Research Proposal.Limited to five (5) single-spaced pages.

    • Minimum size 11 point
    • 1 inch margins
    • The proposal should include the following:
      • Title of the research project
      • Abstract (200 word limit)
      • Significance of the research (including background information)
      • Innovation (How will this project alter the field?)
      • Preliminary Studies (Progress report is submitting for competitive renewal)
      • Approach (study design; please include methods for statistical analysis)
      • References cited (2 page maximum, in addition to the 5 page proposal limit).
    • Save as your last name first initial plus "PROPOSAL", e.g. Jane Smith would be DOC)
    1. Research budget
    1.  Institutional approvals (e.g., IRB, Animal Studies Committee) are not required for the initial submission of the SIS Fellowship applications, but if the grant is awarded, documentation of approval must be provided.
    1. Training interaction and career development plan (Junior faculty only). This may be included in Research Proposal or submitted as a separate document (one page only).
    1. Current and pending support for the applicant.
    1.  Documentation of completion of an approved research protections course for all participants if the proposal includes human studies, must be completed at the time of funding.
    1.  Mentoring:  Each applicant should identify a mentee who is participating on the proposed project.  This should also include a description of a specific mentoring plan for the appointed mentee. 
    1.  Letter of support from the department chair.
    1.  Letters of endorsement from one additional member of the Surgical Infection Society.


    Applications that do not include all the required elements will not be considered.

    Applications must be received by February 29, 2024.